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Here's where you can find the most commonly asked questions. Don't see your question? Email or call us directly.   

Hair Extensions

Am I a candidate for IBE®️ (Invisible Bead Extensions®️) Method? 

This method is safe for most hair types. It's comfortable and won't add discomfort to your scalp. Therefore, it is not damaging to your natural hair. A consultation is highly recommended for anyone new or returning to hair extensions. Make sure the stylist is IBE®️ Certified! 


What should I know before getting hair extensions? 

Be prepared to come in regularly for move-ups every 6-8 weeks. Wearing hair extensions is a luxury and requires move-up appointments booked in advance to guarantee the best results. It's crucial to follow all advice given by the professional. 


What hair extensions method do you do? 

We specialize in doing complete sets of hand-tied Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE®️).

In some sporadic cases, someone would need a Filler or hybrid of different extension methods. Therefore, off the menu, we offer tape-ins and I-tips/Microbeads fillers if you need a combo of methods to FILL in gaps of hair not achieved with hand-tied.


When should I return for my move-up/reinstallation?

Although this may vary from person to person, we recommend no later than 6-8 weeks for extension installation.

How long does the hair last? 

Typically, it takes 6 to 12 months before you'll need a new set. 

You can easily get one year out of your hair with proper styling care and proper use of professional hair products.

What products are compatible with hair extensions? 

Anything free of sulfates or parabens.

What should I use for weekly shampoo?

We highly encourage Hydrate and Color line by Seven Haircare weekly maintenance. Soon to be sold online, but for now, email us or visit our exclusive salon in San Diego. Please email us for more details. 


How do I take care of my hair extensions after installation? 

Brush your hair twice a day or as needed by holding down the base on the scalp. Create a loose braid at night to manage tangles while you sleep. A silk pillowcase or bonnet also helps with fewer tangles and won't strip the hair of natural oils. Make sure always to use professional sulfate-free products. Hair extensions require hydrating products. Therefore, avoiding using anything reparative is best, as it may contain protein that may react negatively with the hair extensions. 


How often should I shampoo my hair with hair extensions? 

It's best to go as long as possible, but it should be fine to shampoo every 4-7 days. 


What products are compatible with hair extensions? 

Use hair products free of sulfates, Parabens, proteins, and keratins. These ingredients may cause more dryness and stiffness to hair extensions. If you're blonde or have blonde hair extensions, use mineral sunscreens and avoid ingredients like Avobenzone and Octocrylene.

Does SPF protection change my hair color? 

SPF Protection could be staining clothes and also staining your hair extensions too? Dyed blonde hair or extensions are particularly susceptible to discoloration, turning pink or orange in patches at the ends of their hair. Those with darker hair may notice a slight color change, but the effect is much more noticeable on blonde hair, which is subject to more processing.

One of the reasons is that SPF contains such ingredients: 

1) Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) is an oil-soluble ingredient in sunscreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays.

2) Octocrylene is added as a stabilizer as the Avebenzone degrades in light. Together they are found in differing quantities in sun protection. 


Essentially the color change is a result of a chemical reaction. When the sunscreen is absorbed into the hair and exposed to UV light, it causes the cells to break down in a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The cells break down and seek out electron particles to form a new cell structure. When the hair is rinsed in water from showers and pools, the electron particles in the minerals in the water, such as Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium, and Silica, attach to the hair cells creating a reaction.

Hair Coloring

How often do I need to come in for a toner? 

Everyone and every hair is different. We recommend anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for toners/color refresh. 

How should I prepare my hair for my color service?

Have your hair dry and clean before all chemical services. Use a clarifying shampoo 24-48 hours before your every hair appointment. 

When should I come back for a color refresher?

2-6 weeks

How long should I wait to shampoo my hair after my color appointment?

48 hours or longer so your hair cuticles can close.



Wedding FAQ's

1: Do I need a bridal trial?

The trial is a practical and mandatory step in the whole wedding process. Just like rehearsal before the Ceremony, it's a makeup and hair rehearsal. It allows your artist to note all the products, procedures, and things that are working and those that aren't working regarding hair and makeup. RUN! All professional wedding services should offer a hair and makeup trial… and if they don't… 


2: How should I come with my hair and face prepared for the Wedding day service?

Hair: It is recommended to come with clean and dry hair—no need to stress about shampooing the day of. A day-old shampooed hair is fine. Ensure to only apply your rinse-out conditioner to the mids to the ends of hair and avoid the scalp area. 

Face:  Have a freshly washed look, don't apply anything unless directed by your artist. 

(Please see other FAQS for facial and waxing) 

3: What if I have multiple looks I want to achieve on my Wedding day? Will you charge extra for additional time?

We offer hourly touch-up rates after the discussed time and makeup hair change-up. Prices vary per person, so don't forget to mention this during your consultation. 


4: What if I need hair and makeup for my Bridal party and other people at the wedding?

For bigger parties, we offer an in-house glam team for eight services and more. 

5: Should I get a facial or wax before my wedding? 

Facial: If you're already getting regular facials every two weeks for your wedding, plan the facial at least 1-1.5 weeks before your wedding. 

If you're new to facials, start getting at least three months, every 2-4 weeks before the wedding, and book the one before the wedding at least 1-1.5 weeks prior. 


Waxing: Schedule your waxing 2-3 days before the wedding. 


If you're considering a trial for either, scheduling 1-2 months before the wedding is ideal. 


6: Do I need hair extensions, and what kind do you offer?

It depends on what your hair needs and whether it be clip-ins for the wedding or Invisible Bead Row to last for longer than six weeks. Most Brides that need fullness, length, or color enhancement benefit tremendously from wearing hair extensions. Just a note, the Bridal Trend will always be more prolonged and fuller hair. With all up, updo's extensions may create a base or fullness if needed.  


7: Do you offer a deposit refund if I change my mind? 

Deposits are final and lock you into the date you've chosen. The warranty is applied to your wedding service but is non-refundable if you decide to cancel for any reason. 


8: What if a pandemic occurs/natural disaster happens, and the world is forced to shut down? Do you offer a refund?

We understand that a pandemic is out of our control. We follow our policy and contract to the best of our abilities. With that, we will offer a partial refund of up to 50%. We apologize in advance if this has caused any inconvenience.


9: What if I am allergic to certain products?

This is why a trial is essential to ensure you don't have any reactions on your wedding day. Some people bring hair products and makeup to the prosecution to collaborate with the stylist on the products and makeup they already like.


10: Are there going to be any extra charges that I should know about?

There are charges such as travel, service fees, vehicle parking, assistants/artists, airbrush makeup, eyelashes, hair extensions, tattoo coverups, and an hourly rate for waiting time.


11: Do you accept all types of payment? 

Right now, we can only accept cash or checks. Full payment is due before the wedding day.

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